Games That Pay Instantly To Cash App

Games that pay in CashApp

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Wouldn’t it be nice to entertain yourself for a bit and forget your problems, even for a while?

If this thought excites you, I know you will be happy to learn that earning money and rewards can be as easy as playing games.

Yes, you read that right. The clear line between rest and relaxation and making money is getting blurry.

Now, as all of you may already know, I’m not one to pass up such a fun money-making opportunity.

This is where I learned that the trick lies in finding games that pay instantly to Cash App. BTW you might also be interested this Article: Games that Pay Instantly to PayPal..

What Is Cash App?

In this day and age, you can earn extra cash with a relatively minimum effort like virtually shuffling cards or playing pool.

What’s better is that these games instantly pay you through your linked financial accounts, making your earnings accessible with just a simple click.

This is also where Cash App comes in.

Cash App is a free financial platform and payment application that enables people to invest, send, and receive money as fast as a click of a button. 

As a non-banking entity, it gives you access to debit cards and other banking services through its partnerships with other banks.

Even so, you can rest assured that all money in your account is still insured and secured by the FDIC.

Why Does Cash App Pay Real Money for People to Play Games?

I know, I know; if it looks too good to be true, sometimes it isn’t. Good thing, that’s not the case with Cash App games. 

After all, I’m talking about a financial app that gives you a $5 sign up bonus, so you don’t really have to be surprised. 

As of the moment, most online games out there use either PayPal, Amazon, or other financial platforms for redeeming rewards.

What I’m sure you’ll also like is that you can still transfer your cash rewards to Cash App if you linked your account.

Although some scammers involve the app in their scams, there are still some legit cash games that I’ve found and listed here today. 

Why do apps pay you money to play games, anyway?

Usually, you don’t earn money by playing the game. Instead, you earn them through watching ads, answering surveys in between games, or referring the app or games to your friends. BTW if you are into video games, check out How to complete surveys for PSN Codes. .

On the other hand, some games will pay you by converting the in-game currencies acquired by playing to real money or gift cards.

App developers typically do these paid partnerships with online rewards platforms to get more traction on their newly developed mobile apps. 

Essentially, you get paid indirectly by these developers for trying out their new apps.

How To Sign Up for Cash App

To create your Cash App account, you will first have to download it through the App Store or Google Play.

You will then have to create your own account by opening the app and entering your phone number and email address.

After a few seconds, you will receive a one-time code through email or text, which you will have to input to complete your registration.

Inviting your friends to sign up will also get you up to $30 of cash rewards, but you can skip this part if you want.

Next, you will be asked to enter your debit card information to link your bank account with your Cash App account.

You don’t have to worry; I can assure you your debit card info is in safe hands because of their PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 Compliance.

This is the highest and most stringent compliance level given by the PCI SSC.

You can still sign up even if you don’t have a bank account or a debit card or just don’t want a third-party app linked.

However, you won’t be able to get a verified account and be unable to use some of Cash App’s features.

Unverified accounts will have several limitations, such as a lower monthly maximum limit of money received and a lower weekly minimum amount of money sent.

After linking your account (or not), you are now going to choose a $Cashtag, which is a username unique to you.

You will use this username to receive or send money. Finally, you will be asked to enter your zip code.

Games That Pay Instantly To Cash App

Ready to try earning rewards by playing mobile games? Here are games where you can get paid in real-time through your Cash App account:

Dominoes Gold

If you are into classic games such as dominoes turned mobile, you would like Dominoes Gold.

It is a competitive online mobile game that pays real cash through events and rewards conversion.

To get started, you can download it from Apple’s App Store or Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

If you are using a non-Samsung Android device, you will have to download this app through a third-party APK site because it’s not available through Google Play.

What To Expect From Dominoes Gold

As a competitive mobile game, Dominoes Gold uses Skillz, a platform for mobile games that helps real players connect and compete around the world to win equally real cash prizes. 

This also ensures the game’s fairness is maintained by connecting you with players on your skill level.

If you are still not convinced, perhaps the knowledge that special events and competitions can reach a prize pool of $1,000 or more can change your mind.

Also, some regular game modes can earn you as high as $200 from just one game.

A word of caution, though: If you’ve had a history of gambling addiction, this game may not be for you.

That’s because you will have to deposit your own money to start earning cash with the paid game modes.

The most affordable paid game mode costs 60 cents on your account’s balance, and the prize pool is just $1.

More expensive game modes cost around $120, which gets you a prize pool of $200.

You will still earn money without deposits using in-game tickets, but this is a much slower route because it takes 20,000 tickets just to redeem $1.

Practice games, which cost Z coins (the in-game currency) instead of real money, could still fetch you one ticket regardless if you win or not.

However, this means you will have to play 20,000 times just to earn $1.

What I Like Most About It

What makes Dominoes Gold stand out from other games is that there really isn’t a minimum withdrawal amount for your earnings.

That said, keep in mind that Skillz charges you $1.50 should your withdrawal be below $10.

With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 21,000 reviews on the App Store, Dominoes Gold is a tried and tested way of earning extra money while being a fun game.


21Blitz is sure to hit you in the right spot if you like the thrill of card games. It is another Skillz-based game that is an extra fast-paced twist between Blackjack and Solitaire.

It is a competitive and exciting multiplayer game that is among the highest rated casino games in both App Store and Google Play Store.

After downloading 21 Blitz from the appropriate store, you will now be able to set up your account.

You can then opt to deposit your own real money to compete against other players for cash prizes.

What To Expect From 21Blitz

Much of the game mechanics are like that of Dominoes Gold’s.

For instance, you could also use Z coins to participate in practice games, which reward you with one ticket regardless of winning or losing.

It also takes 20,000 tickets to cash out $1, which translates to 20,000 free practice games.

The better and faster alternative to get cash rewards is through paid cash games.

You will need to deposit at least $10 and pay 60 cents to gain admission to their cheapest cash mode, and this only rewards you $1 if you win.

If you are feeling confident with your skills or just plain lucky, you can spend up to $260 for a game with a $425 cash prize.

What I Like Most About It

What sets this apart from Dominoes Gold is that you can cash out your cash rewards anytime with no minimum amount for withdrawal or withdrawal fees.

21Blitz lets you use PayPal for cashouts, which you can then use to transfer your funds to your Cash App account.

Other Sources for Paid Games

The internet is a vast place where you will find unlimited ways to earn a little extra cash while having fun.

If you’ve got the extra time to burn, here are more avenues that offer paid games:


Swagbucks is among the most well-known and well-reviewed online rewards programs out there, and for good reason.

Its rewarding system does not only include those from playing mobile games.

You also get amazing cashback from answering surveys, watching videos online, and even just searching things using their search engine.

As a bonus, you will be given 1,000 SB (their pointing units; 100 SB is equal to $1) when you spend at least $25 on an eligible purchase.

Swagbucks allows you to earn four points as a cashback bonus for every $1 you spend in games such as Angry Birds and Tetris.

You will also get rewards as high as $65 by downloading and reaching certain levels in free mobile games that require no in-app purchase at all.

My Personal Experience With Swagbucks

To check this feature personally, I tested it with the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms. The description says that this should give me 6500 SB, which equates to $65.

It turned out that, while possible, I needed to do some hard in-game grind to reach Level 18 in just 20 days, with the verification period taking up to seven days. 

At first, I thought that I’d have to make some in-game purchases to accomplish this.

However, after some heavy grinds and lots of tutorials, I managed to reach Level 18 in just 19 days without even spending actual cash.

Weirdly enough, my SB points were already pending in my account as soon as I reached Level 17. Still, I pushed for Level 18 just to be sure. In the end, I got 6500 SB points.

You could continue doing this in more online games listed on their website.

On Withdrawing Your Rewards

There is no minimum required points for withdrawal.

So, as soon as you’re happy with your accumulated points, you could have them transferred to your linked debit card.

You could then link it to your Cash App account or convert it to other rewards.

While you have to spend some real cash for some more instant cashback through Swagbucks, I think it still checks lots of points for being a legitimate cash app pay-in.

What’s more, I actually enjoyed some of the games they offer. If you’re like me, who wants a challenge, I think you will enjoy it.


  • No minimum required point for redeeming
  • Higher points-to-cash conversion rate


  • In-game challenges often take too long
  • In-game purchases may be required


Like Swagbucks, Mistplay isn’t really a game itself. This online loyalty rewards platform gives you access to games that pay you real cash in return.

What Mistplay does differently is that it actually partners up with app developers to help the latter broadcast their newly launched application to a larger audience.

Alternatively, Mistplay can also conduct online surveys and get satisfaction reports from the players. This allows the developers to pinpoint specific problems in their projects.

In essence, what you earn in playing are the incentives coming from the developers themselves in addition to rewards from minor game tasks.

My Personal Experience With Mistplay

Just like with Swagbucks, I personally tested Mistplay. I first downloaded the Mistplay app and was asked to allow the app to be displayed over the affiliate games while I played. 

It also asked me to play with the power-saving mode disabled. I think this is to more accurately gauge the optimum game performance without getting held back.

Upon setting up my account, I read about the conditions for earning rewards. Like other games for cash, you will have to garner enough points to redeem various rewards.

You also have the option to send out your referral code to your friends to get a referral bonus of 50 points for each friend who signs up.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to personally try any of the games they offer since it wasn’t available for Apple devices. I see this as a major drawback.

On Withdrawing Your Rewards

Mistplay offers a variety of rewards in exchange for your units, which are the main reward currency you get when leveling up an account.

For instance, 1500 units give you $5 in your Visa Prepaid cards, while 3,000 units get you $10 in Steam Credits.


  • Focused on gaming
  • Requires no credit card information


  • Low point-to-rewards conversion rate
  • Cannot convert points to cash
  • Not available to Apple devices

Stan’s Gigs

At Stan’s Gigs, we strive to give you the best paying offers online, from focus groups and online surveys to free sample product testing.

We’ve curated portals to link you with trustworthy companies that you can check whenever you have free time.

Instead of spending money on other costlier forms of market research, they go to us to help them get to you, the direct consumers

What sets us apart from the aforementioned platforms is that we won’t charge you anything for your time and effort, not even a cent.


  • Wide variety of money-making offers
  • All offers come for free
  • Updates you through email


  • Slots may be limited
  • Screening process may be required

Playing To Get Paid

With lots of legit money-making games out there, we finally have the luxury of earning extra cash while doing something actually enjoyable. 

Although there is a limited number of games that pay instantly to Cash App, this shouldn’t discourage you from using the financial platform.

After all, there are still plenty of things that Cash App has to offer.

If you really want to use Cash App for receiving payments while gaming, you can register for my newsletter.

This way, you will get the latest and most exciting paid gaming offers out there that are 100% safe and legit.

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