Surveys for PSN Codes: Where to Find Them

Playstation Network Surveys

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I don’t know how long you’ve been reading my posts already, but if you don’t know yet or if you’re new here, I’m an avid gamer. In fact, if I hadn’t fallen into the rabbit hole of market research, then I would probably be a streamer already.

Don’t get me wrong; I still do play these games. A lot. Fortunately, it’s not as expensive a hobby as it was when I was just starting out. Why? That’s because I get a steady supply of free surveys for PSN codes.

Why Do Survey Companies Give Out Free PSN Codes?

Unless you’re me, you’re most likely part of the majority of the population who don’t enjoy answering surveys. I understand.

They can seem quite boring and meaningless at times. However, these questionnaires still play a crucial role in a brand’s market research.

That said, survey companies need to step up to make their research gigs more appealing to both loyal and potential participants. Well, they can’t go wrong in offering free PSN codes, especially if gamers and geeks are among their target audience.

Aside from that, offering such types of rewards make their company and partnered brands more memorable to consumers. For example, suppose you used your accumulated codes to purchase a game.

Wouldn’t playing this said game make you remember the survey company (and their brands)?

Why I Like to Answer Surveys for PSN Codes

Before anything else, let me just say that the sources of PSN codes that I’m going to share are from legit and reputable survey companies.

I am not going to share a code generator. While there are a lot of code generator sites online, I personally haven’t tried them yet. Not to mention that most code generator sites out there are reported as scams.

If you ask me, it’s better to prevent my PSN account from suddenly getting penalized. Using some code generators out there can also expose certain cybersecurity risks.

Best Sources of Surveys for PSN Codes

Here are the top survey companies that offer PSN codes as rewards:

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites out there, and for a good reason. They have a global network and work with the biggest names in the industry.

There is no reason to get worried about the legitimacy of this site. They have a privacy guarantee in place.

My favorite feature, though, is the fact that you can access your Survey Junkie account and participate in gigs through different devices. It’s definitely made it easier and faster to accumulate enough points for the available rewards.

Speaking of which, Survey Junkie offers different types of rewards aside from PSN codes. You can also use it to redeem gift card codes from Amazon, Walmart, and other big brands and get it in the form of cash via Paypal or bank transfer.

The only problem is their questionnaires can be picky when it comes to participants. Hence, eligibility largely varies.


  • Multiple brands and survey opportunities
  • Various ways to earn points available
  • Can be accessed through any device
  • Different methods of redemption


  • Eligibility varies

2. Prize Rebel

Here’s another survey company that has a huge international following.

Prize Rebel has millions of registered members all around the world. Its platform is also very legit and even featured in sites of repute such as TrustPilot, SurveyPolice, and Insider.

Like Survey Junkie, they have multiple survey opportunities coming from different brands. Sure, they’re also subject to one’s eligibility.

However, there are more than just surveys on PrizeRebel. There are other online tasks that you can do. Some of them just involve following simple screen instructions.

These include watching videos, joining raffles, and, my personal favorite, playing downloadable games!

These are definitely not the only market research opportunities they offer, but I’ll leave it up to you to explore their site more. After all, signing up is quick, easy, and free.

The best part is? You can redeem your earned points aside from just Sony rewards. They also have gift cards and codes for Google Play, Steam, Roblox, and Nintendo.


  • Multiple brands and survey opportunities
  • Various ways to earn points available 
  • Different methods of redemption
  • Other gaming-related rewards are available


  • Eligibility varies

3. Stan’s Gigs

Finally, those who want to earn Sony rewards without spending a single dollar should check out my website. Again, I won’t offer you a code generator. Instead, you’ll be able to earn your gift codes through legitimate means such as answering surveys and accomplishing other simple market research tasks online.

The opportunities that I’ll be sharing with you don’t just promise PSN codes for buying games, getting game add-ons, or even game currency. Instead, I seek to complete your entertainment experience by sharing chances to get other enjoyable rewards such as Netflix subscriptions, Starbucks gift cards, and more.

By signing up for my newsletter, you’ll get exclusive access to these deals and more. Not only will you be able to grow your library of games, but you’ll probably even earn free snacks, coffee, and binge-watching sessions.


  • Multiple brands and survey opportunities
  • Various ways to earn points available
  • Exclusive updates sent thru email


  • Eligibility varies


It’s very easy to get your budget derailed even after just a single night of gaming. There’s always a new game to be purchased, add-ons to check out, and in-game currencies to fully invest in to maximize your experience.

However, there really is no need to burn through your income just to immerse yourself in your gaming adventures. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to earn PSN codes and get all your gaming needs for free.

You can even get free snacks and drinks, especially via product sampling, and earn actual money in the process.

Any of the survey companies I’ve shared above will allow you to do so. These are not the only available options, as there are other equally reputable survey and market research companies out there. The ones I’ve featured were simply those that I have personally tested.

Whichever company you choose, just make sure to do your research beforehand. This way, you won’t fall prey to a fake code generator. Instead, you’ll be able to earn your rewards legitimately from a safe and trusted source. Good luck!

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