Is Murray Hill National Legit or Scam? Unbiased Review

murray hill national review

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Murray Hill National Rating


They are a legit market research company with some studies paying $175+ per participant. It is however very difficult to qualify for studies and many of them are localized. If you are looking to do some online studies for a similar payout, consider some other options as well.

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I still remember the first time I heard about market research. I thought, “What? Brands are willing to pay me for my opinions? That’s awesome!

I was already aware that brands were interested in what consumers thought about their products and services, but I didn’t know they were willing to pay for them. 

After all, most of the surveys I’ve answered so far were free.

Murray Hill National was one of the first research companies I contemplated working with. It seemed promising, and I’ll tell you why in a bit.

That said, because of how the entire industry works, it doesn’t shock me that many people ask, “Is Murray Hill National legit?

What Is Murray Hill National?

murray hill national

Murray Hill National is a market research company catering to consumer, technological, and healthcare brands. It also provides valuable insight to B2B companies.

Its community of participants is four million strong, and it’s not surprising, given the wide variety of research opportunities it offers.

For starters, it has various types of focus groups you can join. These include in-person, video conferences, and online focus groups

It also conducts product testing, product placements, ethnographic studies, and clinical trials.

You’d even find that Murray Hill National has certain features that others in the market research industry rarely have.

It has a video application that makes it more convenient for participants and clients to upload, access, and view video resources. 

While other companies begin their research at the actual focus group session, Murray Hill National goes the extra mile by giving participants additional activities to complete before the discussion.

Doing this prepares the respondents better and makes the most of their opinions.

Another thing that’s unique about Murray Hill National is its podcast services. As you probably already know, it is one of the trendiest forms of online media these days.

Its services include transcription, finding guests from its online community, and even high-quality episode suggestions and ideas based on intensive qualitative research.

While I haven’t been invited to any of the clients’ podcast episodes yet, I’m still hoping.

Is Murray Hill National Legit?

Yes, it is most certainly legit.

To start, the company is a member of some of the most respected associations in the industry, such as:

  • Insights Association
  • Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA)
  • Intellus Worldwide
  • European Society for Opinion and Market Research

In addition, local businesses appreciate that it has offices in 20 locations spread out across multiple states in the country.

No more waiting for emails or even phone calls that never get answered. You can simply visit them if you wish to inquire about a particular project or even follow up on a complaint.

How Does Murray Hill National Work?

If you’re interested in joining Murray Hill National’s growing community of respondents, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Step 1: Meet the initial criteria.

The company prioritizes people who are health care professionals, business executives, and professionals.

Aside from that, it also welcomes consumers interested in sharing their opinion with different businesses.

That could include taking part in a webcam interview, viewing websites and marketing materials, or just answering a survey now and then.

Don’t worry; you will get paid for any form of participation. 

Step 2: Agree to Murray Hill National’s privacy policy.


If you have what it takes to be one of the respondents, the next step is to check out the company’s privacy policy. 

You will find the link on their sign-up page. Just click on “Review and Approve Privacy Policy.” 

Once done, the “Join Our Panel” button will appear, which will then lead you to their registration form.


It is a comprehensive questionnaire that covers the different aspects of your life, including your profession and the industry you belong to, ethnicity, income, current medical conditions, and more.

The answers will allow them to match you with research projects more accurately. Then, click on “Done” upon completion.

Step 3: Wait to be matched.

One of the most common complaints about this company is that it can take a while before you receive research invites.

The good thing is, whenever it does, it compensates the participants very well. 

For instance, I’ve experienced getting paid $75 after doing a one-hour webcam interview with them.

Step 4: Complete the study and get compensated.

Congratulations! You have been accepted for a gig. Make sure to read all the details to know what is expected from you.

After that, the company will compensate you depending on the time and effort involved in the study.

How To Earn Money With Murray Hill National

The main concern people have with Murray Hill National is that they always seem to fail the eligibility tests.

Hence, the best way to earn money with them is to pass these evaluations first. My advice is to answer these questionnaires as truthfully as possible.

Verify that all of the information you’ve provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge before clicking Submit.

Over-representing yourself won’t give the company more options to match you, nor would it give you better chances of matching with more studies.

Instead, it could even result in the exact opposite.

Stan’s Gigs

Many who want to maximize their earnings in this industry do so by joining multiple communities.

This way, they will always have numerous opportunities that will increase their chances of getting accepted.

However, multiple memberships can be challenging to manage, especially for beginners.

That’s why I recommend signing up for my newsletter instead. I work with various companies to bring my subscribers the best gigs.

I always have focus group discussions, product testing, and other research projects for you to join.

Just keep in mind that many of these gigs have limited slots, so I suggest applying for those that interest you immediately.

Murray Hill National’s Legitimacy: The Verdict

So, is Murray Hill National legit?

After much research and joining its community, I can confidently confirm that it is a solid company to join if you enjoy participating in research gigs, such as focus group discussions and interviews.

It’s also a huge plus that it is a member of various renowned organizations and associations in the industry of market research.

This company’s only downside is that it doesn’t send invites frequently, and whenever it does, getting accepted can still be a challenge.

Hence, I wholeheartedly invite you to join the Stan’s Gigs family as an alternative.

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