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With an already-established online reputation and plenty of positive member feedback, Swagbucks is a really impressive market research company. More importantly, it has a compelling reward system that makes participating in studies all the more exciting! Signing up as a member is easy, and the rewards include gift cards and cash rewards.

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I like convincing myself that I’m constantly busy doing useful and important things; the truth is, I’m not.

I know because I downloaded one of those apps that monitor my phone usage.

Even up to now, I still manage to squeeze in an average of three to four hours each day doing mindless online stuff.

For me, that’s a huge waste of resources.

The thing was, I didn’t want to stop my online respites either. What I wanted was a win-win solution: to be able to do all these things without guilt.

That’s when I stumbled upon Swagbucks, but is Swagbucks safe?

What Is Swagbucks?

swagbucks legit 1

At first glance, Swagbucks seems like any other market research company.

It offers compensation in exchange for completing online tasks, such as answering surveys, taking part in interviews, and more.

What sets it apart is the refreshing change of perspective.

Many agencies put their clients and brands first, but Swagbucks presents itself as a consumer rewards program.

In other words, it is more concerned about its online community of respondents, which is always a welcome sign.

Founded in 2008, Swagbucks has been offering online users a chance to earn money while they enjoy doing online tasks.

I’ll talk more about how to earn money with Swagbucks in a bit.

Is Swagbucks Safe?

There is nothing on the Swagbucks website to make me doubt its legitimacy.

The web pages are all designed impeccably, and the content is also on point. It even keeps its blog posts up to date.

That said, an agency’s word is not my only basis when I’m determining its safety and legitimacy. I also make it a point to check what other reputable agencies have to say about it.

For instance, in my research, I have uncovered that Swagbucks is a part of the umbrella of Prodege LLC., a group of companies all dedicated to consumer rewards.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Prodege LLC has been a BBB-accredited business since 2010.

The company currently has a B+ rating, which is quite impressive, given that it has been in business for over a decade. 

Just like other companies, it has a few complaints regarding rewards redemption. But this is expected coming from a company engaged in market research.

The good news is that it has promptly resolved each of them, which is why it maintains its acceptable rating.

Swagbucks is also on TrustPilot with an even better score. It currently has an excellent rating (or 4.3 out of 5 stars).

Finally, I also check what others in the market research circle thinks of them. I am happy to report that many of my friends have enjoyed being a part of Swagbucks.

According to them, the Swagbucks community is an excellent way to earn extra cash and get free gift cards. 

They highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for ways to make money online.

What Are People Saying About Swagbucks?

So, what are people saying about this company online? To give you an idea, allow me to quote some of the most recent feedback about Swagbucks.

Here’s one from the Better Business Bureau:

Been Swagbucking and Mypointing since 2000, have earned lots of money over the years, and every issue has been resolved in a timely manner. No complaints, love them both, and plan to continue for years to come.

Here’s another from TrustPilot:

I’ve been a member of Swagbucks for six to seven years. It’s a great way to pass the time and make a few extra bucks. I always get paid my gift card/PayPal in a timely manner, and any survey issues that have come up, they have given me fair solutions.

I have noticed in last couple years the survey times are getting longer but the pay stays the same.

I was really happy that most of the reviews I stumbled upon were positive. Naturally, that piqued my interest even more.

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while now, then you know I just have to join and try the Swagbucks experience.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

I believe that the best way to show my readers whether an agency is safe or not is to sign up for them myself.

Here’s a quick step-by-step process of how Swagbucks works based on my experience:

Step 1: Check your eligibility.

The first thing you should determine before signing up for any market research agency and consumer rewards program is whether you’re eligible or not.

Fortunately, most people can join Swagbucks. In fact, they are available globally.

There is only one requirement, and that is you must be at least 13 years of age upon registration.

Step 2: Sign-up for Swagbucks.

swagbucks legit 2

One of the things I like about Swagbucks is how the registration form is the first thing that’s displayed on the homepage.

The Log In and Sign Up buttons are available at every page’s top right corner. They have made it easier for prospective respondents to join their ever-growing community.

Clicking on the Sign Up button will lead you to the registration page.

They have a really short sign-up form that will only require you to create your login credentials.

Enter your email address, create a password, agree to their terms of use and privacy policy, then click on Sign Up Now. And that’s it! The whole process takes less than three minutes.

Step 3: Check out the offers.

One of the things I really like about Swagbucks is how it never runs out of opportunities.

There’s always something you can do to accumulate Swagbucks points to earn gift cards and cash.

Step 4: Complete your tasks.

The next step is to complete your online tasks. Each task will allow you to earn Swagbucks points (also known as SB points).

How many points you’ll earn per task will usually depend on the required effort it will take to complete the mission.

Step 5: Redeem your points.

It will probably take you some time to earn SB points and accumulate them. Fortunately, they’re easy to redeem.

Swagbucks offers two main ways to get your earnings.

You can either exchange your points for gift cards you can use to shop online or withdraw them in the form of PayPal cash.

How To Earn Money With Swagbucks

There are many ways to earn money with Swagbucks, such as:

Shop Online

What if you can shop for your needs and wants and save money at the same time?

Cashback shopping is one of the most popular aspects of Swagbucks’ free online rewards program.

All you need to get started is to sign-up for a Swagbucks account. You then have the choice to shop at over 1,500 retail options.

These include big online and offline marketplaces and establishments such as Amazon, Target, and even Starbucks.

You’ll be able to earn SB points for every dollar spent while shopping online.

The best part is that you would’ve spent your money on these products and services regardless, right? So, why not earn some of your money back in the process?

Shop Offline

I appreciate how flexible their rewards program is. For instance, many cash-back platforms I’ve tried in the past require you to shop within specific sites or apps.

This means your cash-back advantages are only accessible when you shop online.

That’s not the case with Swagbucks.

They will also allow you to avail of their cash-back program even after shopping offline. All you need to do is to take a picture of your receipts and upload them to the platform.

Share Your Opinion

At its core, Swagbucks is still a market research hub, so the primary way to earn extra money from the site is to take part in online studies.

These can vary from taking surveys and answering daily polls to other quick and simple tasks you can do during your free time.

Search for Things

Who knew that there was a way to earn extra cash by just searching for things online?

Just trade your default search engine for the Swagbucks search engine (co-powered by Yahoo!) to automatically earn points every time you use the internet.

What if you enjoy using your current browser? If that’s the case, then you may choose to install Swagbucks’ browser extension instead.

Have Fun

Lastly, you can earn free rewards by having fun online.

You’ll be surprised by how many interesting online activities Swagbucks has to offer its members.

You can play online games, watch videos, and more. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you do decide to join the community, I highly recommend taking your time to explore these offers.

The good news is that they also have a Swagbucks app that any member may download and use when they are out and about.

How To Maximize Your Earnings From Swagbucks

The best way to earn more from Swagbucks is to stay active. The more you engage with the platform, the more opportunities you’ll be able to fulfill.

Still, I do have a few tips you can keep in mind to boost your potential earnings further:

1. Stay honest.

Cheating the system is a big no-no.

For instance, it is clearly stated on their Do’s and Don’ts page that you can’t search the web for the sole purpose of earning Swagbucks points.

Using any kind of technology to automate your searches will also get you in trouble. 

In relation, I also recommend maintaining accuracy, such as when you’re answering questionnaires or taking part in polls.

Believe me, agencies as reputable as Swagbucks have efficient protocols to determine any member who doesn’t follow their terms.

2. Refer your friends.

You may also earn more money by extending the membership invitation to your loved ones.

The easiest way to do so is by using the Invite A Friend link. Swagbucks will provide you with a unique referral link you can share via email or social media.

However, keep in mind that it doesn’t allow posting your referral links with abandon.

You can’t just send them out to strangers, post them on websites that prohibit them, or even share your link on any of Swagbucks’ social media channels.

3. Optimize, optimize, optimize.

Swagbucks’ referral links are based on your Swag Name. So, creating one that’s easy to remember will help in making your referral link more efficient.

This company also appreciates taking the time to create content about them as long as they spread accurate information.

Bribing or promising any form of reward to sign-up using your link is prohibited.

My advice is to focus on the quality of your shared content instead. You can film and upload compelling videos, publish informative articles, and more.

More Companies With Consumer Reward Programs

One of the things that make Swagbucks memorable amongst the circle of market research respondents is how simple the point conversion system is.

Hence, I have taken the time to select alternative market research agencies that also have impressive reward programs for you to check out:

1. Survey Junkie

swagbucks legit or scam

I genuinely believe that I will be remiss if I don’t recommend one of the most popular survey companies online.

With over 10 million members, Survey Junkie remains at the top of its game. Like Swagbucks, it always has plenty of opportunities you can choose from.

You may answer surveys, try out new games, and perform other online activities to earn virtual points you can later redeem for gift cards and cash.

Survey Junkie also has a quick sign-up process.

Just click on “Log In” located at the top right corner of each page. You’ll find the sign-up link under the Log In button.

Clicking on the “Sign up” link will reveal the registration form一the shortest one I’ve encountered.

Plus, it only asks you to enter your email address and accept the site’s terms and privacy policy. You may also sign-up using your Facebook or Google accounts. 

That said, you can expect detailed questionnaires to get you matched and accepted into their available opportunities.

2. LifePoints

learn if swagbucks legit

If you enjoy point-based rewards programs, you’ll probably enjoy being a part of LifePoints.

Just like the market research companies I have already featured, you may also earn points by sharing your opinion.

What sets LifePoints apart from the others is how it is focused on product research.

As such, you can expect a lot of surveys, polls, and other tasks related to providing product feedback.

There’s a small icon at the top-right corner of the website. Clicking on that will reveal two links: Sign in and Join Now.

After clicking Sign in, the registration page will appear. Simply follow the prompts to complete the process. You may also sign up using your Facebook account.

3. MyPoints

swagbucks legit or not

MyPoints is another agency involved in market research that offers a consumer rewards program.

Like the others featured, this company pays with virtual points you can accumulate and build up to your preferred reward.

It has various gift cards you can choose from, which include eBay, Amazon, and Visa.

However, the best thing about MyPoints is how convenient it is to join.

You don’t need to click on any link, nor do you have to visit another page. The registration form is the first thing you’ll see on their homepage. 

In addition, it is also offering a $10 Welcome Bonus right off the bat. The catch is that you have to spend at least $20 while using the MyPoints platform for shopping.

4. Stan’s Gigs

Indeed, point-based market research communities have a certain appeal. There’s a satisfying feeling in seeing those points accumulate after all that effort of collecting them.

The problem is that they can take a long time to collect.

To make matters worse, some of these companies have such low points per activity. It can take all the fun away, especially if you’re in it for the rewards.

If you’d rather boost your chances and frequency of earning, I invite you to join my community instead.

There are no complicated eligibility requirements and registration forms to fulfill.

All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter, and that’s it. You will then receive email invites to my latest exclusive gigs.

The Verdict

So, is Swagbucks safe? Is it a legit survey site to join? Yes, I can confidently answer that it is a reputable online community worth joining. 

It also offers a lot of benefits you can all enjoy.

For instance, there is always a variety of opportunities available. So, it’s easier to accumulate points compared to other market research companies with offers that are few and far between. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick review.

Don’t forget to tell me all about your experience in the comments section below if you ever decide to join Swagbucks.

In the meantime, you may also opt to sign up for my newsletter.

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