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Tasteocracy offers some of the highest-paying and most legitimate taste-testing opportunities. They have a friendly and professional staff, and their facilities are not lacking. They also have lots of positive online testimonials. However, their payment method leaves something to be desired. They’re also known to change their company name occasionally. In this Tasteocracy Taste Testing review, I'll discuss what they do and how you can earn money with them.

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According to a 2018 study, good-tasting food can make anyone’s day better.

Don’t you just love it when you find a restaurant menu that ticks all your taste buds’ boxes?

Tastetocracy helps restaurants do this, and you can too! The bonus? You’ll get to taste food for free and get paid after doing so.

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What Is Tasteocracy?

Tasteocracy, formerly known as The National Food Lab, is a taste-testing company based in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

They sample food or dietary supplements from their partner companies to get valuable feedback from participants. In exchange, these participants get paid for their feedback.

Based on my experience, most taste tests from their lineup require you to attend on-site, but some online options are occasionally available. 

Tasteocracy Taste Testing Review: Is Tasteocracy Taste Testing Legit?

From what I’ve experienced, Tasteocracy is a legitimate food-tasting company that pays well.

Most of the online reviews from Yelp and Facebook also seem to paint them positively, but as with any business, there were some customer complaints.

However, Tasteocracy is as legitimate as any tasting company can get. While they did change their names a few times in the past, I saw nothing suspicious of this.

What Do People Think About Tasteocracy Taste Testing?

I dug and found that most Yelp reviews about Tasteocracy are positive. Here’s some good feedback from a verified participant:

Honestly, I have nothing to compare this to.

I have been maybe 6 times over the years, and my kids at least once. We’ve never had a bad experience. They are timely and professional. The systems work and you get paid in cash or cash card.

It’s totally worth signing up for!

Of course, there were some negative reviews too. Most of the complaints are about their switch from cash to check as a payment method.

Here’s what a participant has to say about that:

“I am giving this a low rating because of the new way they pay you!!

No longer are you given cash at the end of your “tasting”, but a VISA Gift Card.

This was troublesome to activate and did not even have the full amount I was told the participation paid.

They need to go back to paying you in CASH !”

How Does Tasteocracy Taste Testing Work?

Tasteocracy is about as good as any taste-testing company, so it’s no surprise if you want to participate in their tests.

Below are the steps to join the Tasteocracy community:

Step 1: Create an Account

Click the “Join” button at the upper right corner of their website’s home page. You’ll be redirected to another web page with a series of personal information questions that you’ll have to answer to create an account.

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Step 2: Sign Up for a Taste Test

Upon creating an account, click “My Account” and “View Tests” on the right-side panel.

You should now see a list of the active tests they have. Choose one that best fits your category.

Upon clicking, the website will redirect you to a preliminary survey page.

On the topic I chose, they asked about my age group, food allergies, and other factors relevant to the testing’s own parameters.

They also asked about my annual income and grocery habits.

Step 3: Select Your Schedule

After I qualified for participation, the site took me to the session selector web page. While online options are sometimes available, most tests require the tester’s physical presence.

Fortunately, the session selector allowed me to choose my preferred date and testing locations.

They also sent the necessary information in my email, and the planned session information was already displayed on my home dashboard.

How to Earn Money with Tasteocracy Taste Testing

There are two ways to earn money with Tasteocracy: the first is through their tests, and the second is through their referral system.

Tests can be single-day, multi-day, or home-use tests, giving you $40 per hour on average.

Alternatively, referrals can get you a chance to win $100. Your referrals need not be test-qualified participants; they just need to create an account.

The catch is that Tasteocracy draws the winners monthly.

Alternative Product Testing Companies to Check Out

Do you want to increase your chances of getting free products to try?

The best way to do so is to sign-up for other product testing companies. This way, you’ll always have a variety of potential opportunities.

Stan’s Gigs

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Final Thoughts

Food is a basic need, and giving them better flavor certainly makes living easier.

I hope this Tasteocracy Taste Testing review helped you decide on your next gig.

There’s more where these opportunities come from, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.

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