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how to Get Free Tom Ford Samples

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Here’s the deal. I won’t even try to hide it. The truth is I don’t know many things about fashion, and it’s not even because I’m a guy.

Honestly, I just don’t see how it would currently fit into my life, save for the occasional events when I need to drag myself out to attend them.

That said, I’m still a single guy who very much enjoys going out from time to time, hopefully to impress a member of the opposite sex.

Hence, you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I heard about Tom Ford free samples.

About Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a US-based luxury brand known for its clothing lines, accessories, and perfumes.

The founder, Tom Ford, first entered the fashion scene back in 1990 to join Gucci as a womenswear designer.

He also became the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent after it was acquired by Gucci 10 years later in 2000.

All of these experiences have more than prepared him to launch his own brand in 2005.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Why Does Tom Ford Offer Free Samples?

Now, I won’t bore you with the company’s details because I know that the brand can pretty much speak for itself.

However, you might be wondering why they send out samples in the first place.

As a luxury brand, they know that not everyone is prepared to invest in products they haven’t even tried and tested yet.

They also know that certain products, such as their scents, are something people will most likely wear (and purchase repeatedly) for a long time.

Hence, as with other companies, they are willing to invest in this chance to grow their loyal customers.

At the very least, they will also increase their brand awareness along with their sales, whether these customers get a free sample or not.

For instance, I can’t count how many of my friends and family have asked me what scent I’m wearing.

How To Get Tom Ford Free Samples

Since it is a high-end brand, it is understandable why Tom Ford has quite an exclusive way of attracting their potential samplers.

As such, you can’t expect a link to their sign-up page anywhere online—unless they deem you worthy, that is.

Tom Ford only releases invites of their offers to their targeted customers.

These usually come in the form of an ad that will simply pop up on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Targeted customers are people who have been initially deemed worthy through the use and analysis of social media algorithms and website cookies.

Don’t worry, though. I will share with you a method that works almost all the time.

Step 1: Search for Tom Ford on Google.

Once found, click on their website and browse through their home page for several seconds.

Do you have a particular product you want to potentially sample? 

Find the product using the site’s navigation, and browse through the page. 

Take the time to read the product description and scroll through until you reach the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Search for Tom Ford on Facebook.

Once you’ve found their page, look around and scroll through their posts. Plus points if you drop some comments and likes.

Be sure to like and follow the page, as well.

Step 3: Search for Tom Ford on Instagram.

Just like the previous steps, browse around their IG page, engage with their posts, and drop them a follow.

Step 4: Wait for Tom Ford’s sponsored ads on your home feed.

Unfortunately, since it depends on how Tom Ford’s preferred algorithm assesses your online activity, there is no way for me to tell how fast they’ll pop up. 

In my experience, though, it varies from almost instantly to taking several hours for the ad to appear. There are also times when the ads won’t appear.

If that’s the case, you’re probably not eligible for the offer.

For instance, I was so excited to get my sister a sample of Tom Ford’s Traceless Soft Matte Foundation when the program was announced.

However, no matter how hard I engaged with their channels, the ad simply didn’t show.

I found out later that the freebie was only open to UK residents.

Other Companies That Give Away Free Luxury Brand Samples

For more chances of getting free samples from luxury brands, here are more companies offering these opportunities:

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is an international online sampling community you can join to receive sampling opportunities from all types of products and brands.

That’s right—international. This means even non-US samplers can also sign up.

The opportunities they offer are endless, and more importantly, they cater to luxury brands like Gucci and YSL.

All you need to do is sign up on their page, and they’ll send you offer updates via email.


  • Wide variety of products and brands
  • Luxury brands available
  • Sends email notifications


  • Samples are subject to availability

Stan’s Gigs

Of course, you can also always sign up for my newsletter.

There’s always a steady flow of sampling opportunities here at Stan’s Gigs.

Even better, you won’t have to go through the process I’ve detailed above just to sign up for them.

You’ll find luxury brand samples here, but since they’re very popular, you must sign up for them immediately after receiving my email notification.

These brand’s sampling slots run out pretty quick.


  • Wide variety of products and brands
  • Luxury brands available
  • Sends email notifications
  • Exclusive offers included


  • Samples are subject to availability


I get it; there’s a certain pride in wearing luxury brands. However, you don’t have to spend all your savings on a single product.

You can sign up to receive their samples instead. For instance, there are currently opportunities to receive Tom Ford free samples.

As long as their algorithm tags you as a “targeted customer,” their “invite” will randomly pop up on your social media feeds.

On top of that, remember to sign up for my newsletter. This way, you’ll be able to sample other high-end brands aside from Tom Ford.

You’re welcome.

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