Macy’s Free Cologne Samples: How To Get Free Samples From Your Favorite Brands

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I was in college when my uncle told me that I must have a signature scent. That it should reflect my personality, especially with the ladies. I didn’t really fully understand (these are his words) “the invisible power” that he was talking about back then.

As far as scents go, I just had a go-to cologne that I spritz on after a cold shower. It smelled like freshly peeled oranges, it’s refreshing, and more importantly, I smelled clean.

It was the scent I was going for. Isn’t that the whole point?

Apparently, it’s not. It wasn’t until my friends pointed out that I smelled like a girl when I realized the point my uncle was trying to make. Thanks, Uncle Ted!

And so the search was on. I thought going to the fragrance section to check out Tom Ford scents should be simple enough, but boy was I wrong again.

It was like a bombardment of the senses unlike any other. I couldn’t even smell anything precisely because I smelled everything all at the same time.

Isn’t there another way to choose fragrances? It took me a while to find a solution so allow me to spare you through that effort by telling you the answer right now. It’s Macy’s.

Why Is Macy’s Offering Free Cologne Samples?

Macy’s understand my plight. That some people don’t enjoy testing out fragrances on-site. Aside from that, the company knows that once people found their signature scent, they will most likely wear it for a very long time一possibly even their whole lives if their tastes don’t change.

Finally, Macy’s carries a wide variety of different fragrance brands. These companies may also be the ones that want to send out samples to customers. In this light, they are merely a facilitator in hopes of increasing everyone’s brand awareness and ultimately, their sales.

How To Get Free Cologne Samples From Macy’s

Here’s the deal. Macy’s don’t offer their samples through a sign-up page on their website or even a link through their social media. Instead, it is an offer that only shows up on the feed of their “targeted customers”.

These customers are determined using social media algorithms and website cookies. These offers would then simply show up on their social media feeds as a sponsored ad.

Honestly, this offer might be popping up on your feed every once in a while already. You’re simply not noticing it amidst the noise on social media.

Don’t worry if you’re not a targeted customer yet, though. I have a method that will increase your chances of getting the offer. In fact, this formula has already gotten me multiple sample packs.

Each sample pack contains three to six vials of different fragrances usually coming from really big brands like Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and Cartier.

Receiving them has not just helped me find my signature scent. It has also given me an arsenal of fragrances to switch around depending on my current mood.

Anyway, here are my steps:

  1. Search for Macy’s on Google. Click on Macy’s website and scroll through for a few seconds. Find the perfume section of the website and spend several seconds on the page as well.
  2. Search for Macy’s on Facebook. Click on Macy’s page and give it a like. Scroll through their feed and like some of their posts.
  3. Search for Macy’s on Instagram. Give their profile a follow. Again, scroll through their feed and maybe give a few of their posts a heart. Feel free to drop a comment or two on both social media pages as well.
  4. Finally, wait for the sponsored ads to show up. There are days when they show up almost automatically. There are times when it took hours before the ad appeared. There was even one instance when I didn’t even do anything but it still popped up anyway!

Unfortunately, since it really all boils down to how Macy’s algorithm will recognize your online activity, I have no way to guarantee that the steps above will land you a free sample pack. I am also not sure if these steps will work on mobile since I haven’t personally tried it yet.

Other Companies That Give Away Free Cologne Samples

Those who don’t really care where their free cologne samples will come from can check out these sources instead:


PinchMe is a company dedicated to bridge customers who want to try out new stuff and review them with the brands willing to send out free samples. The result is a platform where you can choose different products that you want to sample that PinchMe will then put together in a box and send to you via mail.

Their samples are classified into four categories: personal care (which includes fragrances), home and family, food and drink, and pets.


  • Multiple brands to choose from
  • Multiple product types available
  • Samples are sent together


  • Product types and brands are subject to availability

Stan’s Gigs

You don’t really need to go far to search for free cologne samples. You can also sign up to receive them via mail right here, at Stan’s Gigs.

Feel free to check out the site’s collection of fragrances and other personal care products coming from a wide variety of manufacturers and brands to choose from.

While I cannot guarantee that Macy’s will notice you even with the steps that I have shared above, at the very least, I can guarantee that I can give you first dibs on your preferred samples upon completing your registration.

Brands will be subject to availability, though, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive the latest updates.


  • Multiple brands to choose from
  • Multiple product types available
  • Exclusive offers 
  • Newsletter available to receive updates


  • Product types and brands are subject to availability


Don’t be like me. Don’t learn the hard way that you smell wrong. I can attest that it’s one of the most embarrassing things in the world. Take advantage of Macy’s offer and be on the lookout for their sample program.Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter too. Either way, I am confident that you will eventually find the cologne you like with the samples you receive. Good luck hunting for your signature scent!

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