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SuperPay.Me is an online market research company that specializes in connecting interested respondents with different survey providers. Some of the best features that set them apart are their sign-up bonus, multiple earning options, and low payout threshold. You can earn by completing surveys, performing simple online tasks, and referring new members.

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I still remember the first time I discovered that making money online is possible just by sharing your opinions on things and answering surveys.

It seemed as if it was too good to be true. I would like to think that my experience in this industry since then has made me wiser.

While I know it’s possible to earn money by participating in market research, I am now aware that it’s not as easy (or profitable) as I initially thought.

Scams abound making reviews like this especially timely and crucial.

Today, I’m going to answer the question: “Is SuperPay.Me legit or fake?

What Is SuperPay.Me?

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In a nutshell, SuperPay.Me is a market research company that seeks to connect their online community of respondents to the best online survey opportunities out there.

What sets them apart is that they work with multiple survey providers.

After all, many of the survey companies out there directly work with various brands to formulate their own surveys.

There are a few disadvantages to this approach. For instance, it will take some time for these agencies to come up with quality surveys, especially if they’re working with multiple brands at a time.

Second, the market research agency’s focus will be split between creating quality surveys and taking care of its online community.

By working with online survey providers, SuperPay.Me ensure that they only focus on one thing: efficiently managing their community of respondents.

Is SuperPay.Me Legit or Fake?

I have already developed a system for determining whether a market research company is legitimate or fake.

First, I check reputable review organizations and websites such as the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot.

Unfortunately, SuperPay.Me isn’t listed on Better Business Bureau.

On the other hand, it is featured as a verified company at TrustPilot.

I am happy to report that most of its reviews are positive and impressive; it currently has an excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Aside from review sites, I make it a point to check out what others within the market research community have to say.

I have only heard positive things about them so far.

What Are People Saying About SuperPay.Me?

Member reviews are one of the last few things I check to determine whether a survey site is an ideal platform to earn money online.

Here’s one from TrustPilot:

Fast paying survey site ♡

A great survey site that has a large variety of panels and providers on to choose from. Never stuck for surveys except for holiday periods when this is expected. I use the PayPal instant pay and I get my money in seconds.

Very happy and will continue to use, thank you.

It is also worth mentioning that SuperPay.Me has its own reviews page on its website.

However, unlike other survey sites, they don’t just post their own feedback. Doing so can impact an agency’s credibility.

Unfortunately, it’s also not uncommon for some websites (even reputable ones) to fall into the tactic of formulating their own positive reviews to post on their page to encourage online users.

SuperPay.Me has found a way around this by working with Feefo. It is a third-party platform that collects reviews for companies.

This way, online readers can ensure that all of the feedback posted has not been tampered with.

That said, SuperPay.Me is a proud recipient of Feefo’s Platinum Trusted Service Award in 2022.

Here’s one of the recent reviews they have posted about the agency:

I absolutely enjoy! I do think qualification for higher paying surveys should be easier. Like it shouldn’t be so hard to qualify for a few higher paying surveys if not much. Other than that I recommend to all my family and friends who have some time to spare. Five stars all day long from me!

How Does SuperPay.Me Work?

Despite the positive reviews, the best way for me to make sure that this site is worth spending time on is to join SuperPay myself.

This way, I’ll also be able to share with you the steps on how their platform works.

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

One of the things I like about SuperPay.Me is how inclusive their online community is.

Anyone over 18 can join, regardless of where you are in the world. However, please take note of two things before joining:

  1. They don’t allow the use of the Opera browser.
  2. You may not create multiple accounts.

Step 2: Sign-Up for Their Online Community from site

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The next step toward joining their online community is to fill-up their registration form.

It’s very straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete. All you need to do is to give them your name and email address.

You will then be requested to create your login credentials by creating your username and password.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Method of Earning

I will discuss these in further detail below. That said, it would be safe to assume that most of you are interested in learning about their paid surveys.

SuperPay.Me always have a wide variety of online surveys you can take part in.

These include brand recognition surveys, product appeal surveys, and other types of market research surveys.

To find online surveys, all you need to do is log into your new account and click on “Paid Surveys” on the main menu.

This will let you access their available survey directory. 

Step 4: Complete the Offer

Once you have chosen a survey, the next step is to accomplish it. Be sure to read the online questionnaire carefully.

SuperPay.Me also discourage rushing through their offers just so you can get paid faster.

Doing so can greatly impact your eligibility to get accepted into more surveys in the future.

Many of their surveys only take five to 15 minutes to complete anyway.

Step 5: Get Paid

Here’s a quick tip after you have completed your first survey (and all the other market research offers you’ll accomplish through their platform): keep the browser window open until SuperPay.Me’s platform has finished crediting your payout.

It can also help to clear your cookies and cache regularly so as not to interfere with their payment processing.

The amount you’ll earn from their paid surveys will usually depend on how much time and effort it will take to complete.

Since many of their surveys only take a few minutes to complete, it is also understandable why payouts usually range between $1 and $5.

The highest payout I’ve been able to enjoy from them was up to $15.

However, I have noticed that surveys that pay more money are quite uncommon.

So be sure to grab the opportunity immediately once you find one.

How to Earn Money With SuperPay.Me

Taking online surveys is not the only way to earn extra cash from SuperPay.Me.

They offer other earning methods as well. Here they are:

Get Your Joining Bonus

SuperPay.Me is one of the few market research agencies offering a signup bonus.

It will be credited after you have successfully completed registration.

Take Part in Other Offers

SuperPay.Me is particularly proud of their “Offer Walls” section, where you’ll be able to access other forms of market research opportunities other than answering their online surveys.

With this feature, members of their online community can get paid to watch videos, play online games, and do other fun activities during their spare time.

Refer Other People

You may also earn money through SuperPay.Me’s referral program.

It is honestly one of my favorite ways to earn through their platform, as it allows one to earn up to 25% of each referral’s earnings.

Another thing that I really appreciate about SuperPay.Me is their low payout threshold.

You can start withdrawing your earnings once they reach $1.

Their payout methods include Paypal, Skrill, cryptocurrencies, and a wide variety of e-gift cards.

Alternative Survey Companies to Check Out

Indeed, there are plenty of good reasons to join SuperPay, but even completing tasks from them every day might not be enough to give you a full time income.

That’s why I still highly recommend joining other survey sites as well.

Here are a couple of my recommendations:

Branded Surveys

is superpayme legit?

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Branded Surveys is another market research agency that offers money in exchange for answering surveys.

Like SuperPay.Me, they let you redeem your rewards via Paypal and e-gift cards.

They also have an impressive rating over at TrustPilot and a “great” ranking level which they’ve attained by getting 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Stan’s Gigs

Lastly, I will be remiss if I don’t invite you to join my own online community here at Stan’s Gigs.

I have worked hard to grow my network of partner brands and market research agencies.

They have made it possible for me to gain regular intel on the best offers out there.

That’s how I am able to provide exclusive opportunities to the members of my community.

I also don’t require you to fill up any registration form or fulfill complicated eligibility requirements.

All you need to do is sign-up for my newsletter, and you’re all set.

You can expect me to send regular updates of the latest offers you can take part in.

The Verdict

So, is SuperPay.Me legit or fake? I am confident that this market research is not only legitimate, but also worth joining.

The multiple offers and payout methods they offer, combined with their low payout threshold, significantly boost a member’s earning potential.

They also have a lot of positive feedback posted across different reputable review channels.

However, keep in mind that SuperPay is not your only option.

There are other survey companies out there. I have reviewed some of them on my website already.

Also, don’t forget to sign-up for my newsletter to keep posted on other income opportunities.

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